QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working: Fix the Issue in 4 Easy Ways

QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working

With Quickbooks Pdf converter, files and reports stored in Quickbooks can be converted into Adobe PDF documents. Using the Quickbooks print component, these QBs files can be converted. The most important thing you should know is that you can easily accomplish a variety of tasks with the help of this tool.

In addition, Quickbooks Desktop users can share files or reports with others who do not run the program. The developers of this software have created quite an astonishing tool for the desktop application. Furthermore, you can directly email your clients the pdf file once it’s ready.

It is possible to open the Pdf file with any PDF editor such as Adobe Reader, WordPerfect, WPS Office, etc. Another benefit of this tool is that it makes converting reports into PDF format very easy. Except for reports, it can also deal with balance sheets, payroll slips, statements, financial statements, etc. The tool is going to simplify your life.

We will provide you with all the information you may need in this post not only on how to reinstall the QuickBooks pdf converter windows 10 tool again but also on how to fix any problems you may encounter while using the tool.

As a result, you will find out how to install, download, and fix the Quickbooks Pdf converter. Don’t wait any longer, let’s get started. 

QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working: 4 Resolving Methods

Well, this is a little annoying. An error appears when you try to convert a file into the Pdf format and the converter doesn’t work. QB users often experience these issues.

Don’t worry about it. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s spend some time looking at your options. 

QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working - Solutions

Here are some solutions to help you troubleshoot this issue.

Method 1: QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair Tool Use

You can definitely resolve the issue using this very powerful tool. Let’s look at the steps.

  • It is necessary to first download the software from Intuit’s official website for the Quickbooks tool hub.
  • As soon as you have downloaded the software, you need to follow the instructions on how to install it.
  • Open the software once it has been installed.
  • You can click on the Program Problems tab in Quickbooks’ tool hub. 
  • To repair your Quickbooks print and PDF, you must tap on the Quickbooks print and PDF repair tool.
  • Using this tool, you will be able to self-detect and troubleshoot the problem. 
  • Lastly, you will need to restart your computer.

Method 2: Antivirus Issue

Uninstall Antivirus - QuickBooks PDF Converter Issue

There are times when your antivirus program interferes with the function of this tool. Therefore, it is necessary to uninstall the antivirus software or even make changes to the settings of your security software. The problems you have been facing will now be corrected.

Method 3: XPS Document

First, you will need to make sure that XPS works correctly. In case there is an error or bug, you must reinstall Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

Method 4: QuickBooks pdf Converter Reinstall

  • If you have already installed the PDF converter, you should remove it first.
  • In order to do this, you must sign in to Windows as an administrator. Next, click Printers & Fax.
  • Choose Quickbooks PDF converter.
  • In order to delete it, right-click on it, then select Delete.
  • Then, you need to reinstall the tool. You can follow this guide to do so.

Download & Reinstall Quickbooks PDF Converter 

Reinstall Quickbooks PDF Converter - Via Printer and Faxes

If you are expecting a similar simple download and installation method, then you are mistaken. We will look at this now.

  • In order to install Quickbooks Desktop Software, you need to right-click the icon.
  • Then select Properties.
  • Select the Find a target option next. An explorer window will open.
  • To install the application or execute the file, double-click it.
  • Upon completion of the installation process, you must click OK.
  • Go to the Start menu and select Control printers.
  • Click Devices and Printer to access this menu.
  • The option Rename can now be selected when right-clicking the Amyuni Document Converter.
  • Lastly, rename the file according to the version of Quickbooks you have installed on your PC.

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All aspects regarding QuickBooks pdf Converter not working along with its solution to fix have been provided in this post for easy understanding.

I hope that our content has been satisfactory to you and that you are not experiencing any issues related to QuickBooks pdf Converter Windows. You can always contact QB’s customer service for assistance.  

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