QuickBooks POS Review 2021 : Features, Price, Likes, and Dislikes

QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Point of Sale or QuickBooks POS has always been the first choice for transactions handlers. It emerges as the best solution in the market by managing bills, loyalty programs, sales and inventory, and credit payments. You can tackle as many as 15,000 products with this one tool. It is no doubt that the tool emerges as the best choice for recording retail transactions. Must take a look at the QuickBooks POS cost if you want to improve your work ethic. 

QuickBooks POS : What All It has?QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS performs not only as a cash register but also manages Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). With this one platform, you can handle all the tasks of the hospitality and retail business. QuickBooks POS becomes a requirement for today’s businesses who want to use its dynamicity on iPad and iPhone. 

Even a non-professional can also use this software because of its smooth interface. This is the reason behind its popularity among non-professionals. Moreover, it offers efficiency, mobility, and simplicity to every small and medium organization. All in all, it is the best possible solution that you can choose for your retail business. 

What Are the Features of QuickBooks POS?

QuickBooks POS : Features

If you want to choose between POS of other software and QuickBooks then must go with the latter one. As the tool comes in different versions with added-on features. Here, we will discuss the same. 

1. QuickBooks Desktop Integration

QuickBooks POS effortlessly transfers and maintains the information on QuickBooks desktop. Without any kind of burden, users can store all the relevant information on their desktops. Through this syncing process, you can save lots of your time and money from being consumed in this kind of activity. 

Well, perfectionists also tend to ignore some of the relevant figures and items while writing down the relevant details. That, later on, turns into despair. So, if you want to rescue yourself from facing the tragedy then make sure to head towards the QuickBooks POS. 

2. Manages Customers and Reward Program

Managing customers may feel hard today but this will also turn into a smooth experience when you switch to QuickBooks POS. With this software, you can easily manage rewards programs and credit customers. The software tracks all the relevant information like available credit limits, amount due, and other things. 

Loyalty programs are used for rewarding the best customers. With the records, you can recognize your best customer and reward them with some exciting deals and discount coupons. The costumes also get attracted to your offerings and thus builds a new relationship. Not only this, but you can also record the promotions given to customers. 

3. Inventory Management

QuickBooks comes in three versions: Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store. The later versions come with this inventory management feature that updates the transactions on its own. Through its capability of quick recording, you will get an instant idea of all the inventories that are left and added. This way you can make a way ahead and get into productive ideas of serving your customers better. 

4. Credit Payment Processing

You can also use the QuickBooks point of sale for purposes like credit and debit card payments and cash management. No matter what credit cards you are using like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, this software makes the path easy for all of them. 

Also, the tool ensures the safety to protect your information fed in the cards. You can enjoy your online activities without fear of providing any threat to your customer’s data. QuickBooks has 1 million users around the world that better depicts the trust it holds among others. 

5. Sales Transaction Management

With different methods, you can bring in your sales data here. Well, there is a barcode scanner and manual methods like MS Surface Pro 4 through which you can easily add products. As calculating stuff of accounting consumes more of your time so QuickBooks POS has diminished its effects as well by providing a unique platform where everything can be tackled easily. 

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6. Hardware Compatibility

You will see the QuickBooks POS compatibility with other hardware tools like receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, pole displays, and card readers.

7. Customer Support

You can have QuickBooks customer support worldwide. No matter at what place you are locating, the company will always be there to assist whenever you are in need. There are several ways like chat, email, and phone calls through which you can contact the support team. There presents several articles, tutorial videos, and instructions on using this software. 

QuickBooks POS Cost : What is the Price Range?

Despite having these stupendous features, QuickBooks POS lacks many customers because of its high price range. This is the only point that probably weakens your decision of using this tool. In this section, we will get an elaborated knowledge of QuickBooks iPad POS cost, additional license cost in three versions. 

QuickBooks POS BasicQuickBooks POS basic cost

QuickBooks POS basic is the primary version of the POS family. Here are listed some of its features and the price range in which it comes. 

  • Tracks your customer’s information. 
  • Helps to manage, track, and store the inventory. 
  • Ensure the tracking of sales and profits. 
  • Promotes a healthy atmosphere through contactless payments. 
  • You can use the tool with QB desktop and other devices as well. 
  • $1,200 is a one-time fee. 

QuickBooks POS ProQuickBooks POS Pro cost

  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Helps to manage the profit and sales record.
  • Ensures protection by keeping customers’ data safe and secure. 
  • Easily generate the purchase orders. 
  • Also, tracks and manages inventory. 
  • Comes with advanced features like advanced reporting. 
  • Not only customers but it also manages to record employees’ details. 
  • You can connect many devices with the tool. 
  • Gives you a platform where you can easily create discounts and gift cards for your customers.
  • The amount is estimated at $1,700.

QuickBooks POS Multi-StoreQuickBooks POS multi store

  • Helps to build a new relationship between you and your customer by providing features like Loyalty programs and rewards.
  • Comes with an eCommerce integration. 
  • Through this version, you can easily maintain sales tracks. 
  • Between several stores, it helps to manage inventory and multi-stores. 
  • Safeguards the customer data.
  • Integration with QB desktop can be successfully achieved. 
  • Through paperless work, promotes a green environment. 
  • Easily records all the relevant details of inventory. 
  • You can take benefits of its features by giving $1,900. 
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QuickBooks POS: Pros and Cons

Like any other software, QuickBooks point of sale also has some advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss in this section. 

  • Stability
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Gives discounts, gift cards, and rewards
  • Other advanced features
  • Payroll
  • Software contains glitches
  • Poor Customer service
  • Expensive Software

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With this, we are ending our post here. QuickBooks Point of Sale is really the best tool that tackles and records different things. Yes, the prize is a bit consuming but totally right it for the different features it brings to the table. Make sure to opt for this software if you want to witness its tremendous work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Businesses Can Take Advantages From QuickBooks POS?

Businesses that obtain a tiny and medium-sized space can take advantage of QuickBooks POS. The features that it contains are particularly made for small-sized organizations like bars, restaurants, and shops. So, the tool would not be the right choice if you are operating a big-sized enterprise. 

2. What has the Price of QuickBooks POS Cost?

The user has to pay only one fee as it does not come with any subscription plans. Also, you need to buy the POS-related software and hardware individually. Well, the QuickBooks POS software comes in three versions such as Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store with a pricing range of around $1200, $1700, and $1900. 

3. What are the Hardware Requirements for QuickBooks POS?

Hardware requirements for QuickBooks POS are as follows:

  • All Windows Operating System
  • MS Surface Pro 4 tablet
  • Minimum space of around 1 GB. 
  • Memory should be 6 to 8 GB Ram
  • Single and multi-users must have 2.8 and 3.5 GHz processor
  • Screen Resolution must be 1280*768

4. How Much is the Price of QuickBooks POS iPad?

The price of the QuickBooks POS iPad is estimated from $999 to $1,999. 

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