Delete a Deposit in Quickbooks Desktop [Simple Steps]

While updating transactions at Quickbooks, if you have made a wrong entry or transactions in your Quickbooks account then you can delete a deposit in Quickbooks desktop. This feature allows you to keep your accounts clean. We will explain below how you can delete a deposit in Quickbooks Desktop. Quickbooks ensure to provide a quality-efficient user experience to its users. However, there are some complex features in Quickbooks like deleting a deposit that requires some assistance. 

The deposit of payment in the Quickbooks software can be divided into two categories. 

  1. Deposited Payments
  2. Undeposited Payments

There is a whole process that needs to be followed in order to delete a deposit in Quickbooks that is described below. Hence, if you need to know how to delete a deposit then read this blog till the end. However, if you have any other queries then feel free to contact experts at Quickbooks. You can ask for assistance if you have any queries.Delete Quickbooks Deposit

Follow these steps to Delete Deposit in Quickbooks

If you have selected the Deposited option in the register then click on the edit option and then choose the delete deposit option. However, if you need to delete multiple deposits then you have to open the deposits and then click on the delete deposit option.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and click on the list menu.
  • Now click on the chart of accounts from the list and open accounts by double-clicking on it. 
  • Then choose the deposit option.
  • Now select the transaction that you want to delete and click on edit option.
  • Choose the delete line option and then click on the Delete deposit option to completely delete the transaction from the list.Delete Deposit in Quickbooks
  • When prompted click on the “ok” option.

How To Undo a Deposit Payment in Quickbooks

If you want to remove a payment from a deposit in Quickbooks Desktop then follow the given steps:

  • Open the Quickbooks Software and click on the reports deposit option.
  • Click on Banking and then choose Make Deposit option.
  • If you get the windows to deposit payments then click on the cancel option.
  • Browse the earlier transactions by clicking on previous.
  • Select the transaction that needs to be deleted and click on the edit menu.
  • Choose the delete deposit option to complete the removal process.

Follow the process to delete Duplicate Entries in Quickbooks Desktop

If you have mistakenly updated a transaction twice in Quickbooks then there is nothing to worry about. You can easily delete the duplicate transactions in Quickbooks. Follow these steps in order to delete duplicate transactions in Quickbooks.

  • Go to the Quickbooks software and open the company file.
  • Open the banking option and click on Make Deposit.
  • Now select the transaction and then click on the edit menu.
  • Click on the delete option and click on Save option to save the changes.
  • After this, open the chart of accounts from the list menu.
  • Open the undeposited funds and select the duplicate transaction from the list in the bank account register.
  • Click on the Edit menu and choose the delete option.Delete Deposit in Quickbooks Desktop

So these are some of the ways that you can use if you have mistakenly updated a wrong transaction in Quickbooks or you have updated a transaction twice in the Quickbooks software. In this article, we have tried to explain to you how you can delete and undo a wrong transaction from Quickbooks and how you can delete transactions from undeposited funds. Along with these, if you want to set up Quickbooks on multiple devices then make use of the Quickbooks Database Server Manager tool to setup Company files.

In Case, if you have any queries related to this issue or about the Quickbooks softwaer then feel free to contact the Professionals at Quickbooks. They will provide you a quality efficient solution to troubleshoot this issue.