QuickBooks Online Error 102: Easy Troubleshooting Guide (Fix The Banking Errors Now)

QuickBooks Online Error 102

Despite being an advanced software program like QuickBooks, it can limit your work as it can contain bugs and errors. Quickbooks online error 102 is one such error but this error comes up due to the problems from the bank’s servers.

The servers may be undergoing maintenance or may be experiencing technical difficulties. There is no need to worry since our QuickBooks error 102 solutions are the most efficient and simple to use.

The article will focus on the easiest solutions and make you a pro in minutes.     

Quickbooks Online Error 102: Quick Troubleshooting Solutions 

To fix 102 QuickBooks banking errors, you can follow various steps. Several of them are outlined below.

1. Updating your Bank Connection Manually

QuickBooks Online Error 102 - Manually Update Your QB Bank Connection

It is not a cause for concern if you face this banking error since it will be resolved within 24 hours. You can manually update your Quickbooks bank connection during this time. 

Quickbooks Online

First, access Quickbooks Online with your username and password.

Then, go to the Transactions menu.

Finally, choose the “Update” option.

Quickbooks Self-Employed

Self Employed - QuickBooks Online Error 102

  • At first, Access Quickbooks Self-Employed.
  • Next, choose “Bank Accounts” under the Profile option”.
  • Finally, click on the Refresh All button.

Manual Updates   

If you need to make manual updates, most accounts work with automatic updates. To do this:

  • Go to the left menu and select the option “Banking”.
  • You need to select “Clear Unwanted Accounts” if you need to update a specific account.
  • Click “Update Now” to get started.
  • Complete the details of multifactor authentication (MFA).
  • To update, click Continue.

Automatic Updates 

Updating your “Online Banking Account” automatically begins at 3 A.M. Pacific time.

QuickBooks Online Server will attempt the automatic update a minimum of five times within 5 hours if a particular online account does not get updated data. Information is received based on your bank’s share in QuickBooks Online.

Users are not granted the ability to toggle between ON and OFF “Auto Update”. 

Knowing when updates will occur
  • Navigate to the Banking menu.
  • From the right-hand panel of the desktop screen, click on the tab Update.
  • Within the Updated column, it displays the date and time when the last update was made.

Repeat the process if the problem persists after several hours.

2. Check your Bank’s Site – QuickBooks Online Error 102

Check Bank Site - QuickBooks Online Error 102

  • Step1: Login to your bank’s official website by entering your login information.
  • Step 2: Look for the bank’s website notifications, in order to identify if the error is on the bank’s end or if it is a Quickbooks issue.

 If you can’t access the website or log in, you need to contact the bank directly.

3. Checking Log-in Details & Bank Information

Checking Log-in Details - QuickBooks Online Error 102

QuickBooks Error Code 102 occurs when your bank fails to connect with QuickBooks. Go to the website of your bank. If you cannot get access to the banking website, follow the steps listed below. Through these steps, you can add your bank accounts so that QB Online can download & fix transactions from them.

  • First, From the left-hand side of the screen, click on Banking.
  • Then, click on the “Search” option in the top menu to locate your bank’s name.
  • If you already have your bank account linked, choose “Add account” and find your bank.
  • Next, select the bank you want from the list.
  • Now, type in your “User ID/Login ID” and password.
  • Then, click Continue.
  • Finally, verify the added security checks and click Connect.

The next step is to select your “bank type or credit card account.” If you don’t have an account already, you can create a new one by selecting “Add+new”.

When you log in, QuickBooks will download all of your recent online transactions and banking details. Afterwards, tap on “Connect.” This will redirect you to your banking page as soon as the download is complete.

You can review all the transactions you downloaded earlier by clicking the “Review” button. All your transactions are now available for classification, accepting, and reviewing in QuickBooks.

If your bank account does not appear, you will need to contact the bank’s officials and download the transactions from their website & then upload them to your QBs.

4. Make Sure Your Bank Account is not a New One

In addition to new credit cards or new banks, QuickBooks error 102 can also happen if the bank account is new. A new account does not usually support online banking.

Those who are experiencing this problem may contact their bank or credit card company directly. 

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This detailed guide is a solutions manual for all the users struggling with QuickBooks Online Error 102. Our team has reviewed more than 20 sources before putting up such informative content in the easiest way possible.

We hope you will be able to carry out the steps easily and face no such issue in the near future. For any further guidance, you can bookmark us and get to us anytime anywhere.

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