QuickBooks Point Of Sale Hardware Requirement – Compatibility, Features And Items Needed

QuickBooks Point Of Sale Hardware

When it comes to the best solution designed for retail businesses such as stores, food chains, clothing outlets, etc. the QuickBooks Point of Sale is the first choice. It enables users to manage inventory, process transactions and customer orders with ease. Additionally, you will also need to know the QuickBooks Point of Sale hardware requirement.

Businesses using a POS solution can manage a lot of inventory. Additionally, more than 14,000 items can be managed with the system. It integrates with QuickBooks accounting software easily. Moreover, it is also compatible with tablets having windows 10.

In this article, we’ll discover the features, compatibility, specification along with hardware requirements of the QuickBooks POS. So let’s begin.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Hardware – Compatibility

The QuickBooks Point of Sale hardware requires its software. However, not every software is compatible with it. The QB POS requires some specifications and is only compatible with the below-mentioned OS.

Let’s check its compatibility and required specifications.

Operating System-

  • Windows Server (2008 R2 SP1-2), (2011 SP1)
  • Win Server (2012 R2), (2016).
  • Windows 7 SP1.
  • All versions of Win10 (32, 64-bit).
  • Windows 8.1 (32, 64-bit).

Required General Specifications

  • Device resolution of 1280 x 768 or greater
  • A minimum of 1 GB of disk space is required.
  • At events of accessing multiple users, a processor of 2.8 GHz is mandatory. However, processors up to 3.5 GHz are ideal for best performance.
  • A DVD ROM drive. Unless the software is downloaded via Intuit Server.

For Single User:

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (6 to 8 GB is suggested).
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor (2.8 GHz is suggested). 

For Multi-Users:

  • Minimum 8 GB – 12 GB RAM
  • Minimum 2.8 GHz processor (3.5 GHz processor is recommended).

Features Of The QuickBooks Point Of Sale

QuickBooks POS is a versatile sales management resolution that makes inventory management, payment, sales process simple.

It fully synchronizes with your accounting software, so you can easily share payment and sales data. Moreover, it is suitable for both single and multi-store businesses. Some of QBPOS features are:

Better Hardware Compatibility: At first, the QBPOS is compatible with various hardware devices including the Microsoft Surface Pro, credit card reader, barcode scanner, receipt printer etc.

Enhanced Inventory Management: Its inventory management provides ease in tracking sales, returns, purchases etc enabling you to identify the best-selling products.

Effortless Payments Processing: QuickBooks POS allows every type of payment, including debit cards, cash, credit cards, allowing secured and authorized transactions.

Improves Customer Service: Customer purchases are tracked and stored to provide loyalty programs to customers along with the services.

Customer Support: At last, intuit offers the best support to its users and you can easily find several articles or tutorials if you ever face any issues.

List Of QuickBooks Point Of Sale Hardware Requirement? 

Now that the requirements and features of the QuickBooks Point of sale are disclosed, you are required to have a complete package of suitable hardware. 

Let’s discuss the hardware required for QuickBooks Point of Sale.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro - QuickBooks Point Of Sale Hardware

Having a portable POS system can ease up and boost work productivity. The QBPOS syncs perfectly with the Microsoft Surface Pro ensuring you to move freely around the store and save counter space while performing tasks.

You can view and manage the inventory, take payments, generate reports and bills, create purchase orders without having to stand at the counter.

2. Pole Display

The role that Pole displays play for customer satisfaction is underappreciated. Additionally, its display helps customers verify the price of their product while checkout, saving time and effort for both customers and workers.

The majority of pole displays feature bright fluorescent screens and it’s easy to angle it in various directions. Since many of them are USB-powered hence need no additional power.

3. Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner - QuickBooks Point Of Sale Hardware

One of the important elements for QuickBooks Point of sale hardware is the Barcode Scanner. They are cost-effective, time-saving and excludes any data entry errors probability.

Moreover, a compatible barcode scanner for your QBPOS will help you upload immense data information while billing a large order as it scans the information quickly. 

4. Wireless Barcode Scanner

Many think that the barcode scanners are very old type. However, the QuickBooks POS offers the compatibility of a wireless barcode scanner that can provide more range and looks better than the wired barcode scanner.

The wireless barcode scanner offers flexibility in scanning products and inventory management. Moreover, you’ll be free from tangled wires.

5. Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer - QuickBooks Point Of Sale Hardware

Not every shopper prefers the digital receipt of orders. Integrating a receipt printer is a must for your business. Moreover, syncing a receipt printer with the QBPOS is simple and trouble-free and it will help satisfy the shopper.

You can print receipts for the shopper also if they don’t then you can simply avoid printing. Additionally, The simple USB interface along with the auto-cutter makes the printing receipt process smooth and easy.

6. Cash Drawer

Cash drawers help reduce the checkout time and maintains customer mood. Since it can be a lengthy process to pick a different amount of currency note from the drawer, a cash drawer divides currency notes into different sections. Additionally, you can connect the cash drawer to the receipt printer via cable. 

The sync between the cash drawer and QuickBook point of sales software gives convenience at a low cost and provides safety by opening only while getting the signal via receipt printer on completing the transaction.

7. Pin Pad

Pin Pads - QuickBooks Point Of Sale Hardware

Since not every customer uses cash, the chances of using a “Pin Pad” numerous times are very high (maybe more than 60 times) in a day. Hence a Pin pad for your QuickBooks Point of sale hardware is a must.

A PIN pad offers convenience in accepting payments from customers via debit, credit cards, and some latest pin pads offer QR scanning features too. Furthermore, it’s a useful tool for handling customer payments at peak hours.

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So, these are the QuickBooks point of sale equipment that you will be needing to set up your Quickbooks POS. this list will help you understand the features of this hardware well and know which one will suit your business well. 

From detailed specifications to the best features, you get to learn all in this post. We hope, all information provided here helped you explore everything about Quickbooks Point of Sale Hardware Requirements.

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